Your Satisfaction is Our Goal

Within 10 days of purchasing the plan, upon your request Allianz Global Assistance will process a full refund of premium to you, as long as You have not already used Your ticket or filed a claim. No refunds shall be paid to You after 10 days of purchasing the plan.

Why Buy Event Ticket Protector?

Wild horses couldn’t keep you from your event. But a case of the flu could. So could car trouble or a family emergency. If life throws an unexpected wrench in your plans, Event Ticket Protector can help you recoup the money you spent on your tickets.

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Customer Testimonials

 "Allianz Global Assistance was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I wish all insurance companies in any capacity were as helpful, considerate and accessible!"

~ Charles B.

 "I am just happy to have the safety umbrella that Allianz Global Assistance provided. It allowed me to purchase my concert tickets with fewer worries."

~ Joe S.